How Relevant Is a Business Development Representative for Your B2B Sales Team by Adesoji Michael

How Relevant Is a Business Development Representative for Your B2B Sales Team

Business development is an essential aspect of an organization. These involve the activities, initiatives, and ideas that help to make a business better. This process is important for the increase in business revenue. It is also necessary for the expansion of the business and the making of profits.

A successful business development affects all departments of the organization positively. For instance, when the business development team notices that a product or service of the business is successful in one region, they research how best to expand such product or service to other regions. This is where the business development representative comes in.

The service of a business development representative (BDR) is needed to carry out these tasks. They are a part of the business team and are directly involved in ensuring that the business’s sales goals are achieved.

Who Is a Business Development Representative

A business development representative (DBR) is a sales representative responsible for bringing in new business opportunities for the company. The DBR uses cold mail, networking, cold calling, and social selling to reach potential buyers.

The BDR is a key member of the sales team who is usually the first point of contact for potential customers. They approach the prospects and engage them until they convert such potential customers into buying customers.

It is usually challenging for an organization to succeed when the BDR team isn’t successful. This is why it is best advised to seek only the services of experienced professionals in the art of selling. These people help to nurture deals until they come through and convert.

Roles of a BDR in a Business

A BDR is hired when an organization needs to scale up lead generation. They help in engaging potential customers to convert them. The following are what the BDR does in an organization.

Research: BDRs conduct adequate research to discover untapped markets and look out where your ideal customers can be found. They use the information at their disposal due to the research carried out to find new opportunities for lead generation.

Cold Calling: This is an effective technique used by the BDR to engage with potential customers. It involves calling them to introduce and sell the business idea to them. This approach has proven very effective as the potential customer will be well-engaged.

Cold Emailing: This is another great strategy a BDR can use to test a new market and engage potential customers. A BDR knows and understands how to craft enticing email campaigns that can help sell the company’s product or service to potential buyers.

Lead generation: One of BDR’s primary duties is to build a list of potential customers you could contact. They must actively engage the people on such a list until they’re converted. A BDR is only successful when a prospect is converted.

Networking: BDRs use networking as an effective tool to connect with prospects by building face-to-face relationships. These relationships help to build trust between them and the prospects. These could eventually lead to a great business collaboration opportunity.

Social Selling: Social media is a potent tool for lead generation. Every BDR is experienced in using social media platforms to engage prospects regularly. These will help build trust before the BDR convinces the prospect to buy the product or service.

Skills Required For a BDR to Succeed

Certain skills are required for a BDR to possess to carry out their duties effectively. One of the basic skills includes knowing the market and the challenges experienced in the market.

For a better and more efficient result, here are other vital skills that a BDR must possess.

Must Have Active Listening Skills

This is very important if the BDRs want to understand both the spoken and unspoken messages the prospects communicate. Listening actively will enable the BDRs to know and understand the exact needs of the prospective clients.

They shouldn’t focus on just hearing alone but understanding what the prospects say through words and body language.

Must Know How to Adapt to Different Circumstances

BDRs engage with different kinds of people daily. They also talk to potential customers with different backgrounds and expectations. It is required for a BDR to have the ability to adapt when dealing with these different people.

This way, it helps them to connect with the prospects irrespective of the conversation’s direction. The goal is to convince them to buy the product or service.

Must be Creative

A BDR must have one of the most vital skills to accomplish work. This is because they must develop innovative ideas for connecting with potential buyers. After connecting, they also need to respond to queries from the prospects.

It is also required for the BDR to think outside the box when dealing with these prospects. They must look for innovative ways to increase the prospects’ interest to convert them.

Must Have Good Sales Skills

A good BDR should find prospects, develop client relations, and convert them into buying customers. They should be able to sell the idea of the product or service to potential customers.

Since they’re usually the first contact with potential customers, they must know how best to present the products to convince them to buy.

Must Be Persistent

Lastly, a great level of persistence is required to become a great BDR. This is because it may take a lot of cold calls to get prospects who will be interested in the solution they’re providing.

They must remember that you’re likely to get up to an 80% rejection rate and just a 20% success rate. However, this shouldn’t stop the BDR from still calling the prospects. They need to understand business development is a long-term game.

It will require patience and persistence to connect with specific prospects. They need to take their time in building the trust level. Once that is achieved, it will become easier to generate more leads.

Why Is BDR Important To a Business

Having BDRs as part of your sales team can go a long way to ensure that the business’s sales are significantly increased. This shows how important BDRs are to your business. Below are other important reasons you should have them in your business.

Help Find New Business Opportunities

They offer your business the opportunity to reach new markets or regions you’ve not been able to reach before. They help carry out the research needed to source prospects interested in buying your products, goods, and services.

Get Better Leads

Having more leads is not the same as having better leads. You could have a lot of leads who might end up not buying your products or using your services. The BDRs are skilled in persuading prospects to become buying customers.

They Help Improve Revenue Generation.

BDRs are experts in anything relating to sales. This means that they have all the necessary skills needed to follow up with a prospect until they are converted to become a buying customer. This will lead to closing more deals and help the business generate more revenue.

Improve The Rate Of Customer Satisfaction

BDRs can build great relationships with customers over time. With how they relate to prospects, significant trust is built over time. This is necessary to convert the prospects.

It would be best if you always looked for ways to offer customers satisfactory service to retain them. Always attend to them promptly and make sure to meet their needs.


BDRs help to bridge the gap between an organization and potential customers. This is why they’re a vital team in your organization if you wish to generate more leads. The BDRs must be well-skilled and experienced to carry out their functions effectively.

Remember that an effective BDR can go a long way to help an organization meet its sales goals. This is why hiring only qualified BDRs with sufficient knowledge about your industry and market is important to meet your sales goals.

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