How You Can Manage Outlook At Work To Increase Productivity

How You Can Manage Outlook At Work To Increase Productivity by Adesoji Michael Flaword

Most people spend a lot of hours working on their emails. These include typing messages, copying, sorting, forwarding, archiving, tagging, and replying to emails. These activities can become a big problem in the long run if not properly managed.

With all the time spent on emails, little or no progress is often made when there are bulk emails to be attended to. To this end, you might experience a drop in productivity at your workplace when emails are not properly managed or handled.

Microsoft Outlook is one such email tool used by standard businesses for effective communication. With millions of users and businesses using Outlook for managing emails, contacts, and calendars, there are ways you can get a lot more done in less time.

In this article, I’ve listed some tips to help you manage Outlook at work. This will help you increase productivity.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most recognized email applications used by individuals and business owners. You enjoy several benefits while using Outlook, whether for personal correspondence or professional communication at work. Below are some of them:

Improved security: With Outlook, you’ll enjoy a good level of security. It offers filters blocking external content such as data and web bugs downloaded from strange sites. This is very helpful as the rate of cybercrimes increases.

It can be used with multiple devices: You can access your emails using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You can easily log into any of your devices with your saved password. You can also set up automatic sign-in.

Easy integration: One great feature you’ll enjoy with Outlook is the ability to integrate other email accounts like IMAP/POP, Hotmail, Gmail, etc., into your Outlook account. You can easily send and read messages from one platform. You only need to follow the right configuration procedure.

Optimize your emails: With MS Outlook, You can organize and optimize your emails and contacts into different categories. This will help you easily search, find, and follow up with emails sent and received. It is also an effective way to improve productivity.

Easy Navigation: The MS Outlook interface is designed to make it easy for users to navigate without stress. Even newbies will find it easy to use the email tool to send messages and effectively carry out other activities.

How to Effectively Manage Outlook at Work

Managing your Outlook at work is essential. It is an effective way of having efficient communication at work. However, if you’re wondering how to manage your Outlook at work, here are some tips to help you.

Use Folders To Organize Your Emails

This is one of the first recommended steps to manage your Outlook at work. This is very helpful, especially when you have overwhelming messages in your inbox. Putting the messages in different folders will help you navigate them easily.

There will also be no need to spend hours searching for a specific old email when there are a thousand others. You need to arrange and put the emails into each folder to be easy for you to recall when it is required.

Schedule Your Emails

Sometimes you may have a message ready that is supposed to be sent later in the day. Please schedule such a message to don’t forget to send it later. You can set a specific date and time to deliver the recipient’s message.

This approach is also great if you send bulk emails on different days or times. You also easily set instructions for your workers scheduled for the next day’s work while you travel or engage in other activities.

Make Use Of The Outlook Email Templates

Email templates help you avoid cases where you need to compose the same type of message repeatedly. You can easily save some of the emails as templates you can use in the future.

Once you need to compose any message, you can check through your Outlook email templates to see which of them are similar to the message you’re about to compose.

Block Spam Emails

With the increased cybercrimes, you need to secure your email account from fraudsters. This is because these cybercriminals can send you spam emails to get sensitive information. Responding to or downloading files from such an email can put your account at risk.

While Outlook has the anti-spam feature to protect your email from receiving such emails, it is also important that you manually block junk or spam emails from sending you unsolicited messages. It would help if you only allowed messages from trusted users.

Adjust Your Notification Setting

You’ll likely get distracted if a notification pops up whenever you have a message in your inbox. However, it is not advisable to turn off the notification to avoid missing important messages.

You can easily create a custom that will allow you to receive notifications for only crucial messages. You can adjust your notification setting to get notified when you receive messages from specific contacts such as your boss, important clients, and colleagues.

Save Important Emails On Your Phone Or Desktop.

You can save calendar events, notes, and important emails as files on your desktop or phone. This will help you have access to the messages quickly and without stress. You can easily drag the email, note, or calendar entry to your desktop to save it. You can also save them in other file formats you wish to access with on the desktop.


Moving to MS Outlook can be an excellent idea for individuals and businesses. This is because it offers a wide range of functionalities and features that can help improve your workplace’s productivity. However, you may not get the desired results without proper Outlook management.

With the tips above, you’ll be able to effectively control, organize, and manage your Outlook emails to achieve more in less time. With the time saved, you can focus on other aspects that can move the business forward.

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